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Experience Saturation

Wesley in the audience

In today’s world, we are constantly inundated by a barrage of ideas and images that reflect the world and all of its values.  A Dramatic Encounter is an experience in the exact text of Scripture brought to life in a compelling and engaging way.  The audience soaks in the pure words of life with no need to filter the extraneous.  Host a weekend of dramatic ministry where God’s people can be saturated with God’s Word.  In an age where we receive much of our entertainment through screens, we are used to seeing dramas from the detached safety of our living rooms. In his live shows, Wesley breaks through this barrier, walking through the audience, interacting with them, and making them confront the emotional reality of the text.

Acting with Air

Luke Comes to LifeWesley performs his shows with minimal set and props, and instead,  using mime, he makes the visible invisible, and the invisible visible.

Like poetry, mime is specific enough to be illustrative, but vague enough that people engage their imaginations. It’s an unexpectedly powerful experience that allows room for the Holy Spirit to speak to each person uniquely.

“Wesley’s creativity and artistry helps to keep us from the rut of predictability”
Dr. Duane Brooks - Tallowood Baptist Church - Houston

“Wesley’s storytelling is utterly engaging!”
Kate Hoff - Twin Cities Daily Planet - Minneapolis

“Wesley’s ministry is one of talent and excellence! But most of all, Wesley reflects Jesus!”
Pastor Bob Yandian - Grace Fellowship - Tulsa, OK

“Thanks for all you did to make yesterday so amazing for our people. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting way to conclude the Life of Christ series! ”
Darrell Dean - Levy Baptist Church - Little Rock, AR


Luke Comes to Life!
is perfect for:
  • Enhancing a sermon series on Luke
  • Celebrating Christmas
  • Kicking off or celebrating the completion of a Bible Study
  • Celebrating Easter
  • Special Event
  • Culminating a series of dramatic or creative workshops*
  • Outreach

* Please email us for more information about our dramatic and creative workshops and classes.


Wesley Brainard & Marcel Marceau

Wesley Brainard graduated with honors from the famed Marcel Marceau School of Mime in Paris, France. He holds a Masters Degree from the Oral Roberts University Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma with thesis research in “The Performing Arts in the Christian Church,” and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from Youngstown State University.

Wesley has a passion for sharing God’s heart through the arts, and has been performing his one-man shows and workshops in churches all over the country since 1989.

“Wesley Brainard is an artist with a profound appreciation for Holy Scripture and a heart for sharing the biblical message in a unique and powerful presentation. He conveyed the nuances in Luke in a new and insightful way.”
Lee McGlone, Ph.D. - FBC - Arkadelphia, AR


Just some of the churches and organizations we’ve worked with:

“Pastor, if you invite Wesley Brainard into your church, your people will see the Word of God come alive. The impact will be one that will stay with your people for a lifetime”
Pastor Tommy J. Culwell - Colonial Hill Baptist Church - Snyder, TX


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“It’s a mighty fine piece of theater, with boundless energy and a lot of heart.”
Matthew A. Everett - Twin Cities Daily Planet - Minneapolis


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